Monday, January 23

Returned home

Hey dudettes ;)
I'm back from Berlin now, and I'll sort through the little amount of photos I have soon and put them up. I had a really good time on the trip but Berlin wasn't what I thought it would be. There always seems to be alot of hype about Berlin and people are always like 'omggg Berlin bla bla bla' but I didn't feel it (neither did the rest of my trip). It also didn't help that it didn't stop raining the whole time... Maybe I'll go another time and like it more then... preferably when it's warmer. :)

Also, I've just got twitter so if you have it feel free to follow me:

K x

Monday, January 16

Berlin Fashion Week

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm off to Berlin for Fashion Week on Wednesday morning. So ridiculously excited. I've booked to go to lots of fairs etc (that reminds me I need to print the entry passes off!) and any spare time I've got I'll be doing cultural things. Anyone been before and got any recommendations as to what's a must see in Berlin?
Totally not prepared for how cold it's going to be though. I did go and buy some thermal socks with a ridiculously high tog count and a thermal top today  though #so cool.

So I thought I'd let you know why I'll be a bit MIA, but I'm back on Sat night so I should have some photos up shortly after I get back :) For now, I'll leave you with some photos off one of my fave websites.

K x

P.s - Does anyone know how to reply to people's comments on posts? I've seen other bloggers can do it, but when I tried to reply to the lovely people who'd commented on my post, there wasn't an option. If anyone knows if I have to download or do something, please let me know :)

Sunday, January 15

Leather overload

Hey there! Welcome to my new blog. I'm Katrina by the way :) There's probably some written or maybe unwritten rule out there that says double leather can't be worn, but hey, I'm all for breaking the rules every now and again! ;)

Jacket: Topshop
Earrings: Topman
Jumper: Primark
Necklace: Links of London
Skirt: Primark
Brogues: M&S