Monday, April 30

A photo a day #17

Nothing exciting has happened today. Sent off a million eBay parcels and just been watching DIY videos tonight.

Saturday, April 28

A photo a day #16

I'm going to Morocco in a few weeks and have been looking for summer clothes that will cover me up. Midi/maxi dresses are what I've been searching for for what seems like forever. Saw this dress on topshop the other day and when a customer came into work tonight wearing it, I knew I had to get it :)

Wednesday, April 25

A photo a day #13

Went to the new Zizzi restaurant in town. Got evacuated 'cos the fire alarm went off. All very amusing.

Saturday, April 21

A photo a day #10

Drake has the cutest smile ever :) saw him at the NEC last night and haven't been able to stop listening to his album all day!

A photo a day #9

Topshop delivery :)

Friday, April 13

A photo a day #2

Went out for dinner with my mum to Pizza Express tonight as we had a 2 courses and a glass of wine for £10 each voucher. Bargain :)

K x

Thursday, April 12

A photo a day #1

I'm going to make a challenge to take at least one photo a day. I love photos, but sometimes when things are busy you forget to capture moments or beautiful things.

Today's photo is of an old door near the 17th century library in my town. Instagrammed it up and here you go!

Tuesday, April 10

Excuse my french but I'm in France

So, it's been a while. Life has been pretty hectic as of late. Remember in my last post I mentioned about trying to get work experience? I've now got a 3 month internship starting at the end of July. Really excited :) just waiting for the paperwork to come through in the post at the moment.

Now I've got my work experience sorted, uni work is craaaazy. Been putting out requests for apparel suppliers to make "my" product (I'm doing a masters in buying, in case you were wondering why I would do that)... really hoping I get a response soon. Need to get this report finished.

I'm going to start doing reviews of products soon I think. I've never thought of myself as someone who's really interested in beauty blogging but it's only just clicked that alot of the blogs I read, focuse heavily on beauty. I'm particularly obsessed with model's own nailpolish and I'm trying to get into a skincare routine (prevent the wrinkles and all that) so I'll get on with those reviews asap.

K x x

~ Jacket: Vintage, T-shirt: Vintage, Leggings: H&M,
Bag: Vintage COACH

Creme egg croissant

As frequent Daily Mail website checkers, me and my cousin often point each other in the direction of articles. We both love creme eggs (who doesn't right?!) so she forwarded me the link to this recipe: creme egg croissants.

The recipe is abit more of a palava than the one I did but it's still the same difference. Only realised today that I had read the article wrong in the first place so that's why I used bought croissants instead of puff pastry.

So here's all it took:
1) Turn the grill on
2) Open the croissant
3) Cut the creme egg into 4 bits
4) Place in the croissant and place under the grill
5) Don't leave under for more than a few minutes (I did this and burnt it)

I admit my presentation isn't the best, but the croissant was so yummy :)
Definitely give it a go!

K x x