Tuesday, April 10

Creme egg croissant

As frequent Daily Mail website checkers, me and my cousin often point each other in the direction of articles. We both love creme eggs (who doesn't right?!) so she forwarded me the link to this recipe: creme egg croissants.

The recipe is abit more of a palava than the one I did but it's still the same difference. Only realised today that I had read the article wrong in the first place so that's why I used bought croissants instead of puff pastry.

So here's all it took:
1) Turn the grill on
2) Open the croissant
3) Cut the creme egg into 4 bits
4) Place in the croissant and place under the grill
5) Don't leave under for more than a few minutes (I did this and burnt it)

I admit my presentation isn't the best, but the croissant was so yummy :)
Definitely give it a go!

K x x

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