Saturday, November 10

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

I have been so MIA it's unreal. Katrina being MIA is no longer. So what has been going on with me... well, I finished my 3 month internship at the end of October and then went to Stockholm for a few nights (photos coming soon). So basically at the moment I'm unemployed... joy.

I have so many hauls, reviews, photos that need doing - better get cracking!

The photos below were taken on a lovely Autumn Sunday a couple of weeks ago. My aunt who I've been staying with during my internship lives in Oxfordshire, so we decided to go on a little trip to Chipping Norton,  not far from Woodstock where Blenheim Palace is, if any of you have ever been there!

~ Hat: Clements Ribeiro, Jacket: Topshop, Jumper: H & M, Necklace: Topman,
Dress (worn as skirt): H & M, Bag: Zara, Boots: Primark, Socks: Primark ~