Wednesday, March 7

Hey, I heard you were a wild one

Hey guys,

So I've been slightly MIA recently... ok, maybe very MIA. I'm going to get back into the swing of things now and start blogging regularly. I've been super busy lately with a million things plus trying to get work experience so I can get a job... it's not easy bugging people all the time!

It's my Birthday next week and I'm asking for an SLR camera. Can't decide between getting a standard big SLR camera or the compact camera size ones which have big lenses. Does anyone know much about cameras and good makes etc? If so, please let me know :)

K x x

P.s - does anyone know what speedy my bag is? My gran was having a sort out and my aunty spotted the bag covered in dust, and asked if I could have it. So I now have a Louis Vuitton :) I was wary at first that it wasn't real as my gran didn't remember much about the bag, but after stalking online what features is needed for a bag to be real/fake... it's real. I just need to get a dustbag now... hopefully if I rock up to an LV store with one they'll be able to help me out.

~ Jacket: vintage, Top: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Levi's,
Bag: vintage Louis Vuitton ~