Friday, July 20

Coral and leopard spots

I've been meaning to take OOTD photos with my camera but I've just been so busy as of late that a few sneaky snaps on my phone is about all I can manage.

Today, I met my best friend for lunch, as she's been in Thailand for 6 weeks and she had been missed very much :) She got me some goodies from her trip and I made a few cheeky purchases (I'll put photos/a video up soon).

The dress/tunic (it's VERY short) is from a collaboration that Barbara Hulanicki did with Topshop several years ago. I loved the collection at the time but thought it was expensive so never bought anything and I had always come across items on ebay too, that even years later still are a ridiculous price. Anyway, a few months ago, I found this in a local charity shop for... wait for it... £8. I was one happy bunny.

I better stop rambling and get ready for work. If anyone has a spare 5 minutes at all, I would be so grateful if you could fill in this questionnaire for my dissertation. It's proving a real struggle to get large numbers of young women to take part. Also, feel free to pass the link on to anyone you know who might like doing questionnaires (?!)... but of course, no pressure :) If you do decide to take part- it's completely anonymous.


K x x

~Shrug: Topshop, Dress: Topshop, Leggings: Topshop,
Necklace: vintage, Earrings: River Island, Ring: vintage,
Bag: Zara~


Lowri said...

can't believe you have this dress for £8!!! this will always be my one that got away lol!

The Deer Head


MissPlayground said...

love the dress! :)